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Infinite Shapes
Infinite Shapes
Main Head Picture
Welcome to the Shapes ordering page. We manufacture shapes in a large range of sizes and materials, including plywood, acrylic and MDF. Most of the shapes can have holes added; if the option you require is not listed, please enter the information into the Item Notes section. If this is the first time you have ordered from us, please read the Shape Info and FAQ sections. For information about ordering custom shapes, or any items you canít see available on the website, please email us on

Basic Shapes
Hearts, Stars, Puzzle, Circle, Celti Konts, Geometrics, Arrows, Message Bubbles

Plaques and Frames
Name Plaques and back boards with, plain and fancy edges. Frames with simple and ornate borders.
Animals Shapes
All animals Farm, Domestic, Safari, Tropical, Wildlife
Bird Shapes
Birds and things that Fly
Insects and Bugs
Insects and Bugs and lots of other crawly things
Amphibians, Reptiles and Dinosaurs
Frogs, Snakes, Geckos, Lizards, Turtles, Tortoises and Dragons. For everyone into herpetology.
Sea Life
If it can be found in the sea then you will see it here.
Trees Plants Flowers and all other Flora
Plants, Flowers, Trees
People and Paraphernalia
Humanity and all the shapes of everyday life. People, toys, sports and work equipment, anatomical bits, historic figures.

Any shapes connected to transport
Food and Drink Shapes
Food, Drink and lots to eat. Including Utencils, Cutlery Pots and Pans
Costume and Textile
Shapes concerned with costume or items of clothing. Including Heraldry Symbols and Flags
Occasions and Festivals
From Christmas to Harvest and all those other special days.
Landmarks and Landscapes
Buildings old and new, Landscapes from field to mountain, Landmarks from around the world.
Shapes and image cut outs with a religious theme
Fantasy and Mythology
All the things that never were but some you wish had been