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Due to tecnical issues we cant take payments through the site at present. We can take order details so please place the order and we will contact you for payment.

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Infinite Design
Infinite Design
Pictures of Blackboards Chalkboards of BlackboardsWe have a large range of black/ chalkboards designed and manufactured by us.
 of MasksWe cut our own range of masks in plywood, foam and felt.
Engraved Plaques & Signs
 of Engraved Plaques & SignsLaser engraved plaques and signs manufactured in solid wood, plywood, and acrylic. Choose from our large range or design one yourself.
Wedding Decorations
 of Wedding DecorationsItems and ideas for wedding supplies, designed and manufactured in our own workshops.
Stuff  I Make
 of <i>Stuff </i><b> I Make</b> Items that are made by us or we have designed and had made for us. We also have a range of crafts items made by other people.
Expedit Kellax Range
 of Expedit Kellax RangeA range of cut out shapes that can fit into the indervidual sections of an Ikea expedit bookrack.
Special Items
 of Special ItemsThis section holds a range of products not avaliable for general sale, please only use these products directed to do so.