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Infinite Craft Design Resources

Manufacturing Letters and Chain Words/Names

We manufacture by cutting out with lasers a large range of letters. The materials that we can cut in are Acrylic (Perspex is one of the trade names), Mirror Acrylic, Card (Solid, not carboard), Plywood (we use a special ply for laser cutters as normal ply does not cut well), Neoprene (Also known as Funky Foam, Craft Foam) and Cloth as standard materials. We can cut some other materials not listed but the machines do not cut metal or glass so don't even ask (We hope to in the future keep an eye on the website for details). Please note that as craft items come straight from the laser so they may need some cleaning on the acrylic or light sanding with a fine sand paper on the wood. Wood, card and cloth items will have a burnt/brown edge where as the acrylic is clear. Acrylic and mirror acrylic items are normally supplied with a protective covering this will need to be peeled off before use, it can be hard to see on the mirror but it will be there.

Ordering Letters From Us

Ordering Letters From Us

We base all the heights of all the characters within an alphabet on the height of the capital 'M' so all these characters in the picture to the right will be the same size. For example if you want the word 'Hello' you would order based on the height of the 'H' as that is the same as a 'M' . So even if you want everything in lower case it the height of the capital M that you need to specify. Characters that have a curve at the bottom (O,S,U etc) drop slightly below the line so are slightly bigger than the capital 'M'. On some fonts lower case 'f' and 'j' that drop below the line will be much bigger than the capital 'M'. Some of the fonts we have had to adjust and will be slightly different from the ones on screen so that they will cut properly.

on the invoice some of the letters are followed by "cap" or "low" this is for us so we can easly see the difference between the two. If it is a capital letter in the invoice we will cut a capital letter.

Chain Names and Words

We can offer chain words in a few fonts. We have a limit of around 55cm long so if you order 10cm high words more than 5 letters long we may have to break into two parts to cut and send to you. If sending us an email requesting words please either put a word in speech marks "David" or a run of words seperated by commas "Jenny, Love,Her,HOME" using Capitals and lower case as you want them, "LoveYou" we will cut as a single item. If you type all in CAPITALS we will cut all in capitals. Also we will cut as you spell so make sure you are right. We can also do accents and the like but you will need to email us the details.

How To Use The Letters

The wooden letters and cut outs after a light sand can coloured with felt pens, painted with acrylic paint. If they are to be used outside they will need to be primed with a wood primer and either exterior paint used or exterior varnish over acrylic.

Letter and Word Returns

Unfortunately we are unable to take back letters or chain words as they are cut to order and we have no way of reselling them. Please check your order for any mistakes during the checkout phase before you click confirm.