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UK Standard Delivery

We off free delivary to any order over £20, all orders below this level have a £2.99 postage and handling charge. For addition to orders there is a 60p handling charge and the addition must be placed within 48 hours of the origianal order. The postage charge and the addition charge are to cover the invoicing and money handling cost that any order generates.

Delivery Times

As a manufacturer we do not hold stock of the items that we produce,and there are over 1 million possible combinations of the letters alone. For this reason, we have a five working day turnaround from order to dispatch. We aim for orders that come in on a Tuesday to go out by the following Tuesday's post. Orders received over the weekend count as Monday, so are due to go out by the following Monday. Most orders are sent out by first class post; these should arrive the following day but can take upto 3 working days. Please give orders upto 8 Working days, this will be 10 days if you include a weekend. Although these are our aims we do not guarantee the delivery times but over 95% of our orders get to customers within the 8 working days. Please accept with any small buisness problems occure, machines breaking down, and staff go off sick this may delay orders we will inform you if they will be move than 8 working day.

Missing/ Late Orders

If you think your order is missing and over 8 working days ( Monday to Friday) late then please send us an emails with the order number or the date and post code so we can trace you order in the system.

Order Conformation Email

An automatic order conformation email is sent once an order is placed and paid for. If you pay for the order through Pay Pal or Worldpay you need to return to our site from the payment service providers site once you have completed the transaction for the automatic email to be trigered. If you do not then you will just receive their confirmation of payment email. As long as you have their conformation of payment your order will be in our system.

Special Delivary Postage

We offer a rapid service, but have to charge extra for this as we send out by guaranteed next working day. If you chose the "special" option from the drop down menu on the second page of the checkout (Shipping and Tax), this adds £10 to the cost of the order. We will get the order cut in 2 working days and sent out by next working day parcel or post. Total turnaround will be 3 working days to delivery. Please check with us first by email before using this option as there will be times that we cannot meet this deadline.


If you have forgotten an item from your main order then you can use our additions system. Place your forgotten item into the cart and checkout. During the shipping page drop down the menu and select additions. This will charge you 60p as opposed to full postage. This charge covers the cash handling fee. This addition will now be added to your main order. This option is available for 48 hours after placing a fully paid first class order or an order that qualifies for free shipping. Additions cannot be used on Special Delivery orders. Please do not place more than two additions per order as this causes issues within our system. The 5 working days will be counted from the date of the last addition.