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Due to tecnical issues we cant take payments through the site at present. We can take order details so please place the order and we will contact you for payment.

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Variable Price Item Main Image

Variable Price Item

Our Code: A-ITEM
Important information: Please only use this product if directed to do so.

Enter all the details including
- size (height x length)
- material including thickness (specially for 6mm and 3mm ply items),
- colour if relevent
- description of the item, including if you need holes and their position

Enter all the details for an item and type in the price quoted, this should include any discounts you are eligible for. State the quantity needed and then add to cart. Please do not type quantities into the description box unless you have only been quoted a bulk price. In such cases typing "100 x Heart A" and changing the quantity to three would result in 300 items being sent. Add one design to the cart at a time and fill out the full information for each different item or your order may be delayed while we contact you for more details.

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