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Infinite Craft Design Resources

The Infinite Emporium

Open in 2014 as an extension of our manufacturing units, Infinite emporium will act as a space for us to sell retail and wholesale our large range of manufactured item as well as sell of seconds and over cuts. We also will have a range of craft materials and beads available for customers both retail and wholesale to browse. We will also be running craft workshops and training sessions for individuals and groups through the year. If you have a group that may be interested in a craft workshop please get in contact.

Where to find us

Infinite Emporium
Units 16
The Tanyard
Leigh Road
BA16 0HD

Tel: 01458 447 925

Opening Times

We are open fron 11am - 5pm Monday - Friday

The white single door across the carpark from cosyfeets retail entrance
up the ramp.
If the door is locked please ring the bell as we will be in the back manufacturing
we will be there and very happy to welcome anyone intrested in what we make.
We can open at other times plese contact us if you require to come outside these times.