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Due to tecnical issues we cant take payments through the site at present. We can take order details so please place the order and we will contact you for payment.

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Screen Sizing and Colours

Image Sizing

Image Sizing

We try to make items disply true to size if the item is less than 5 cm big we work out all our image sizes on a 96 Dots Per Inch. On most computers running windows, or Mac OS on a 19'' to 22'' monitor this will display the images nearly right, Use this picture and a ruler to see how close to true your screen will display the images to true size.

Image Colours

Please be aware that colors are may be a little diferent in real life than what you see on the screen.

Color or Colour

The debate will continue for years past the demise of this web site which is the correct spelling, for thoses that don't know colour is the British spelling where as color is the common American spelling. We through the web site delibratly use both spelling as search engines see both words as different item. By using both spellings we improve the way this site is listed on search engines.

Jewellery or Jewelry

Jewellery although the correct British spelling it is nessesary for us to spell it jewelry some times as search engines see these words as different items an thus work out page rankings differently. I know it may grate on some that we use both spellings but we have found that three quarters of the searches use the spelling jewelry on Google.