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Infinite Crafts
This section will be fully up a running and full of lots of enamelling stuff in the next few days.
Enamelling is the ancent are of bonding a layer of glass to a metal backing.

Kilns and Furniture
 of Kilns and FurnitureKilms and the bits that you need in them to enamel
Tools and Sundries
 of Tools and SundriesA range of tools for enemalling and the other bits you need.
Enamel Powder
 of Enamel PowderThe base of any enamel item.
Beads and Glass bits
 of Beads and Glass bitsMilliforie, glass bits, threads and other things to add to your pendents.
Copper Blanks
 of Copper BlanksA very large range of the copper bases for both hot and cold enamelling.
Cold Enamel Powder
 of Cold Enamel Powder