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Give me an infinite number of monkeys and a infinite pile of letters

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Individual Letters Main Image
Main Picture Mixed Acrylic and Wooden Letters9mm MDF 30cm Capital R Ravie Font Decorated with Painted Buttons

Individual Letters

Welcome to the Individual Letters order page. We have a large range of letters and fonts available. If you are ordering for the first time, please click the 'Letter Info' tab to find out more about ordering our letters. Use the drop downs on each option to see the whole range. For more information on each material, click the 'Material Info' tab. For special characters, Hebrew, Welsh, flat-based and stencil letters, please visit the 'More Character Sets' section under 'Infinite Letters'.

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We manufacture in a large range of material this section will list all available for this shape or letter. Wooden items include poplar plywood, birch plywood that we laser cut and exterior ply and MDF that is router cut. We have a large range of acrylics, Perspex, that come in a huge ranger of colour that include silver and coloured mirror. Felt, card and foam are also available in a wide selection of colors.
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