Infinite Shapes

Simple yet Endless

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Infinite Shapes
Basic Shapes
Picture of Mixed Acrylic and Wooden Shapes

Hearts & Stars
 of Hearts & Stars
Geometric Shapes
 of Geometric ShapesCircles, Ovals, Triangles, Quadrangles, Squares, Rectangles, Hexagons, Pentagons and more
Geometric Patterns, Knots & Weaves
 of Geometric Patterns, Knots & WeavesCeltic Knots and Weaves, Geometric Patterns, Arabic Designs
 of TessellatedIndividual and packs of shapes that tessellate and dissection puzzle. Geometric, Islamic, Roman, Chinese, Moorish.
 of Bunting
Banners & Scrolls
 of Banners & Scrolls
Message Bubbles
 of Message BubblesA range of different, speech, thought, cloud bubbles
Jigsaw Puzzel Peices
 of Jigsaw Puzzel PeicesPlain puzzel peices that all works together.
 of ArrowsArrows of verious designs and shapes. This section should point you in the right direction